Please include instructor preferences, type of lessons, mornings or afternoons, skiing or snowboarding, number in the lessons, abilities or any other information that may be relevant.
reCAPTCHA is required.
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Progression Ski &
Snowboard School

0208 123 3001 – Year round
0033 (0)621939380 – December to April

Physiotherapy and Massage

Progression Physio and Massage 0033 (0) 7 69 68 81 55

Piste Security- Pisteurs

Val d’Isère 0033 (0)4 79 06 02 10
Tignes 0033 (0)4 79 06 32 00


Alpage 04 79 06 07 42
Panoramic 04 79 06 47 21

Les Brévières

L’Armailly 04 79 06 41 82
Sachette 04 79 06 40 32

Helicopter Transfers

Whitetracks Helicopters 00 44 (0)7796 640841
SAF Helicopters 04 79 41 93 49

Resort Restaurants

178904 79 06 17 89
Bananas 04 79 06 04 23
Bar Jacques04 79 06 03 89
Les Clochetons04 79 41 13 11
Le Lodge 04 79 06 02 01
Perdrix Blanche04 79 06 12 09
Taverne d’Alsace04 79 06 48 49
Victors04 79 06 67 00

Mountain Restaurants
Val d’Isère

L’Arolet 04 79 06 11 68
Les Clochetons04 79 41 13 11
Edelweiss 06 10 28 70 64
La Fruitière04 79 06 07 17
Le Signal04 79 06 03 38
Le Trifollet04 79 41 96 99


Europe Transfer 06 29 52 37 50



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