December 11, 2017

Safety First, Second and Third

Mountain Safety

Know Before You Go- To Hell In a Heartbeat


Safety, could not be stressed enough. This time of the year the excitement of powder days builds up, but we can’t forget about the danger out there.

Please take every precaution when out on the mountains! Get to know your gear, take a course, practice with your friends so you can keep each other safe.

Having the proper gear is a step forward but knowing how to use it could save a life.

Our “Introduction to Off-Piste” clinics are a great way to learn the basics of off piste safety, etiquette and technique. With a maximum of six bookings per level we offer small groups thus guaranteeing great progress. All avalanche safety equipment is provided free of charge. This includes Ortovox transceivers, rucksack, shovel, and probe and once you are up and running, ABS Airbags.


To enquire about our Off-Piste clinics click here.



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