Please include instructor preferences, type of lessons, mornings or afternoons, skiing or snowboarding, number in the lessons, abilities or any other information that may be relevant.
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At Progression we are serious about Snowboarding so book a private lessons for the ultimate way to improve your skills. As technical and focused or as casual and guided as you want. For all levels from beginner to Off Piste and “Park and Pipe”.
3 Hours
255 Euro
3.5 Hours
300 Euro
4 Hours
340 Euro
All day
Low and Mid Season – 510 Euro

High Season – 595 Euro
High season is XMAS, New Year, February half term and Easter holidays.
off piste and freeride
For more information about our Off Piste Lessons Tramadol Buy Europe to go to the general info off piste page which will direct you to the appropriate page from there.
To make a general enquiry Ordering Tramadol Online Illegal.


Beginner snowboarders can often progress at very different rates so we have a shorter three morning group lesson product. For most people three days is enough to get you up and running. From there you can either book some more lessons as a group, take some private tuition or just leave it at that.

3 Hours per day 9.00am to 12 noon.
Monday – Wednesday
Max 4 People per group
270 Euro

We highly recommend that everyone wear wrist and knee guards as well as helmets.
To enquire Tramadol With Mastercard


Specifically designed for people who want to give snowboarding a quick try or as a one-off. These one off clinics are always run at the end of the week in the afternoon. Most shops will allow one free exchange of your rental skis for a board but ask in the shop for details.

3 Hours
3 – 6 People per group
90 Euro per person

Please note that if 2 clients are booked then the lesson will go ahead but for two hours as opposed to three hours.
To enquire Tramadol With Mastercard

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