Please include instructor preferences, type of lessons, mornings or afternoons, skiing or snowboarding, number in the lessons, abilities or any other information that may be relevant.
reCAPTCHA is required.
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This is the ultimate way to improve your skills. A private lesson with your own coach. As technical and focused or as casual and guided as you want.
We charge one basic price per lesson/instructor and do not add a surcharge on because there are more than one or two of you in the lesson (as many ski schools now do).
3 Hours
255 Euro
3 Hours
Off Peak Afternoon
230 Euro
3.5 Hours
300 Euro
4 Hours
340 Euro
All day
Charged for 6 hours
510 Euro
All day high season
Charged for 7 hours
595 Euro
595 euro – equivalent of 7 hours charged during the high season weeks (Xmas 23/12, NY 30/12, half-term 17/02 & 24/02, Easter, 31/03, 07/04 & 13/04)
Please note that for Off-Piste Lessons we must know in advance so that we can bring the appropriate equipment. This is provided free of charge and includes an ABS Airbags / Rucksack, Ortovox transceiver, aluminium shovel and probe. For more information on Off Piste Lessons Tramadol Buy Europe.


Where To Get Tramadol Online, Tramadol Online Mexico

Group lessons offer a fun and relaxed way to meet like-minded people of a similar standard whilst making steady progress throughout the week. With a max of only FOUR people per group you are guaranteed to make great progress.

1 & 2 (Beginner and early intermediate)
3 hours per day 9am to 12pm
Monday to Friday
Max 4 people per group
399 Euro

Please note that if 2 clients are booked then the clinic will go ahead but for two mornings for three hours as opposed to three mornings. Ordering Tramadol Online Illegal to check your level.
To enquire Tramadol With Mastercard


Clinics are a relatively new style of lesson (a mini group lesson of sorts) generally aimed at stronger skiers who want some good pointers without the restrictions of a full week of lesson. The content of each clinic is based on instructor/coach analysis and group input. Video analysis and a DVD of the weeks skiing is often included.

3, 4 & 5
3 hours per day 9am to 12pm
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
max 4 people per group
270 euro

Please note that if 2 clients are booked then the clinic will go ahead but for two mornings for three hours as opposed to three mornings. Ordering Tramadol Online Illegal to check your level.
To enquire Tramadol With Mastercard

Technical Clinics

If you are looking for a one-off session on carving, racing, bumps or off-piste then the technical clinic is perfect for you.

(Beginner and early intermediate)
3 hours
3 – 6 people per group
90 Euro

Please note that if 2 clients are booked then the lesson will go ahead but for two hours as opposed to three hours.
For Kids Group Lessons and Teen Group Lessons Buy Generic Tramadol Uk.
For Off Piste Lessons Tramadol Online Cheapest to go to the general info off piste page which will direct you to the appropriate page from there.



Group Lessons

All our instructors are fully qualified and speak English as their first language or are fluent in English. They are all very experienced and carry full first aid kit, suncream and handwarmers.
Kids learn differently from adults so our highly experienced instructors adjust the inputs to achieve the desired outcomes. There is a big emphasis on safety and fun without making things too technical. At the end of the week the children receive the following:
A certificate.
An educational funbook.
A Progression badge to match the level achieved.
A video of themselves and their group skiing during the week.
A photo of the group and their instructor.
The main lessons run from Monday to Friday but we also offer the additional option of Sunday morning and Saturday morning “bolt on” lessons. We also offer a full day options on the Tuesday to Friday for blue run skiers and above.
We require a minimum of four children in each group for the lessons to run.

Age Group
4 – 12 years old
Which weeks do they run?
Every week of the season
5 days x 4 hours per day
9am – 1pm
Max of 6 in Beginners – Max of 8 in Skiing Levels
445 Euro per child

Sunday am (9.00am – 1.00pm)
90 Euro
Saturday am (9.00am – 1.00pm)
90 Euro
Full Day Options
Tuesday to Thursday afternoon from 1.00pm – 4.30pm costing an additional 265 euro per child. The children are taken by the instructor from their morning group lessons to lunch and then skiing thereafter. The cost of lunch is not included. This option is available to Yeti (blue run) groups and above.


“This is my first time skiing. I’m a bit nervous but I’m looking forward to it.”
“I’ve skied before. The last time I skied we went down the beginner slope and some green runs. That was fun but not always easy.”
“Greens are easy and I like blue runs. I can do some jumps here and there.”
Mountain Goats
“I can ski any red and some blacks when they are pisted. I can do some jumps and have tried off-piste but might fall a bit when it’s tricky.”
Golden Eagles
“Yeah skiing is easy. I can just about go anywhere and I can ski all blacks no problem in all but the hardest conditions. I can do jumps, bumps and off piste.”


Are your teenagers better than you or certainly faster? Do you feel they need some technical advice, from someone other than yourself, before they fly off and hurt themselves? Hand them over and we will push them in a safe, fun and challenging environment.
Teen groups follow exactly the same format as the kids group lessons in terms of timing and pricings so if you have younger children then it all fits in very nicely.

Age Group
13 – 18 years old
4 – 6 (see our levels chart)
9.00am – 1.00pm Monday to Friday
Max of 8
445 euro

Whilst we leave it to the parents’ discretion, we do ask that all children under the age of 16 wear helmets. We strongly recommend this form of protective equipment be worn as standard. Junior helmets can normally be rented in the resort with many shops providing them free of charge with rental packages.


We have some good news for you. With the development of highly supportive plastic boots and the use of normal alpine skis, telemark is a whole lot easier than it looks. If you are a solid parallel skier you should be making reasonable telemark turns within one lesson. Either take a private lesson or join our taster clinics.

Private Lessons

This is the ultimate way to improve your skills. A private lesson with your own coach. As technical and focused or as casual and guided as you want.

3 Hours
255 Euro
3.5 Hours
300 Euro
4 Hours
340 Euro

Taster Clinic

A fun way of “giving it a go”, the taster clinic is specifically designed for people who want to see if they like it or for a bit of fun. Taster clinics are held towards the end of the week normally in the afternoon.

3 Hours
3 – 6 people per group
90 Euro


Why not bring your team to the Alps for an adrenalin-packed weekend, a gourmet extravaganza or simply some pampering both on and off the piste.
With our experience and knowledge let us take on the burden of organising such a trip. From advice on airport transfers, chalets and hotels to booking ski and snowboard instruction and guiding, restaurants, heli-skiing , inter-resort trips, massage, skidoo trips, snowbiking, ice rallying, ice climbing, paraponting and much, much more. The world is your oyster.
If you are thinking about a trip then email us on Paypal Tramadol and we will call you to discuss your every need.
Here is what some of our previous corporate clients have had to say:
Annabel Mizou RBS
“I contracted Progression Ski for four weeks and they handled all my staff and their clients, from beginners to the very experienced skiers and snowboarders, in a very friendly and professional manner. They were particularly adept at boosting the confidence of my guests and were extremely skilled and knowledgeable of the area, taking them to the right slopes at the right time. They were always ready with good tips and advice and they took a personal interest in each of their clients. I would thoroughly recommend Progression Ski.”
Andrew Bain – Eric Young and Co Surveyors
“We took clients to Val d’Isere for a long weekend using Progression Ski and Snowboard School for instruction and guiding. They were brilliant, giving us so much more than just their time on the hill. Nothing was too much trouble and they pitched it exactly right for ourselves and our clients giving great ski tips, finding the best snow and taking us to some superb lunch spots. It was their extra efforts which made it the success it was. I have no qualms in thoroughly recommending them.”


Our levels are designed to give us a reasonable idea of your experience and standard so that we can place you as effectively as possible in the correct class.

Adult and Teen Levels

Level 1:
Beginners Group. This is my first ski holiday and I have never skied before.
Level 2:
I’ve probably skied about a week and can make steady snowplough turns on greens with some parallelish turns.
Level 3:
I am pretty comfortable on blue runs making steady parallel turns and can do easy reds. If they become tricky then I loose a bit of confidence and control.
Level 4:
I am comfortable on red runs but would like to get better on steeper pitches, bumps and ice.
Level 5:
I can get down most blacks and want to try or to improve my off-piste, bumps and carving.
Level 6:
I can ski all the blacks and I ski off-piste. I am looking for some technical pointers for my general skiing and in challenging conditions.
Confused or not sure? Read on:
If you are not sure about your level, possibly because you are in between two levels, then bear in mind a few factors when you sign up. If you are fairly confident, fit and play sports quite regularly you might be more appropriate in a higher group. If you ski quite slowly, although with quite good technique, but lack a bit of confidence then the lower group may be more appropriate.

Kids’ Levels (5-12 Year Olds)

“This is my first time skiing. I’m a bit nervous but I’m looking forward to it.”
“I’ve skied before. The last time I skied we went down green runs. That was fun but not always easy.”
“Blues are easy and I like the challenge of red runs and trying some jumps here and there.”
Mountain Goats
“Yeah skiing is easy. I can go just about anywhere. I like reds and some blacks and I can do some jumps and some bumps.”

Please note that most children stay in Mountain Goats for two to three seasons. It is relatively easy to progress and be able to ski reds and blacks but it takes some time to do this skilfully.

Golden Eagles
“I like going fast and can ski all the blacks comfortably in all conditions. I can ski bumps and some off-piste and I like to do jumps.”
We do ask that all children under 16 wear helmets. We do not wear bibs in our group lessons, but brightly-coloured helmet covers instead. We strongly recommend this form of protective equipment be worn as standard. Junior helmets can normally be rented in the resort.



11+ Funbook
‘Val d’Isère’ means ‘Valley of the Isère’. The Isère is the river that flows through town.
2. ‘La Perdrix Blanche’ is a bird found in the mountains here – it’s a type of partridge, literally translated a ‘white partridge’, though its proper name in English is a ‘ptarmigan’ (pronounced ‘tarmigan’).

3. Mont Blanc. It’s 4,810m above sea level.

4. OK stands for Oreiller Killy.

Henri Oreiller was a French alpine ski racer whose mother was from Savoie and who used to come on holiday to Val d’Isère.
Jean-Claude Killy is another very famous French alpine ski racer – now retired – who was brought up in Val d’Isère.

5. 88 lifts and 156 ski runs















1. An ibex (the French word is boquetin)

2. Lammergeier (pronounced lam-er-guy-er), or bearded vulture (the French word is gypaète barbu)

3. Cigarette butts = 5-10 yrs – Plastic bottle = 450 yrs – Glass bottle = 500 – 1000 yrs – Orange peel = ½ – 2 yrs – Chewing gum = 5 yrs

4. Two. One at Le Fornet and one on the Grande Motte.

5. Golden eagle

How many did you get right?

7-10 Funbook

1. Croissante, baguette, beurre

2. Golden eagle

3. Mont Blanc (It’s 4,810m above sea level!)

4. Head

5. You can find cows up at La Ferme de l’Adroit by Cash 2000, or in the cowshed up in Le Joseray.

bonjour = hello
piste = ski run
aurevoir = goodbye
merci = thank you
moniteur = ski instructor
s’il vous plait = please
perdu = lost
ou est…? = where is…?
je m’appelle = my name is
How many did you get right?

4-6 Funbook

1. Eagle

2. Croissante

3. Hat, gloves, scarf, ski jacket, ski trousers, socks, thermal underwear… etc

4. Bindings

bonjour = hello
moniteur = ski instructor
merci = thank you
je m’appelle = my name is
How many did you get right?

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